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Do I need an appointment?

No. We do request you call so we can be prepared for your arrival. Once you arrive, we will quickly assess your pet and they will then be prioritized for care based on their stability and the urgency of their condition compared with other patients at the hospital at that time. We do our best to staff the hospital or have on-call staff available so your pet’s care is not delayed significantly.

Can I visit my pet?

We would love for you to come and visit your pet. Please call to make sure we are not too busy before stopping by. You can visit with your pet as soon as a room is available, or beside their kennel if rooms are full, as long as there is not an active procedure or emergency ongoing. Please remember that hospitalized pets will need their rest to heal and can become very anxious with frequent visits (and departures) of their beloved owners. Though we love hosting visitors, please be sure that you are allowing enough time between visits for your pet to rest and heal.

Can I stay with my pet during their procedure?

Much like the human emergency room, we unfortunately do not allow accompaniment for or viewing of procedures. For safety and legal reasons, we do not allow visitations or assistance by owners during procedures. Furthermore, in order to best and efficiently treat our patients, we must limit distractions and giving attention to our patients’ human owners, while very important, can be a distraction from quality patient care.

How do you interact with my regular veterinarian?

We consider all the family veterinary practices in the area as our clients. We do our best to function as an extension of your family veterinarian for those times when emergency, critical care, or urgent care is required. Unless conditions dictate otherwise, we do our best to involve the family veterinarian in the emergency and certainly in the longer-term treatment and follow-up process. We forward all records (medical record, in-hospital test results, send-out lab test results, specialist consults and communications, etc.) to your regular veterinarian and we confirm that they received them all and in a timely manner (typically every morning for hospitalized patients or within hours of discharge for outpatient pets.) Furthermore, our doctors consider it essential to phone and discuss difficult cases with your family veterinarian to ensure a seamless transition between them an Pets Emergency Hospital.

Can you help transport my pet to the hospital?

Unfortunately, we do not have an in-hospital transportation service and we currently do not provide emergency home-visits, but there are pet transport options in the Northern Colorado area. Please see our helpful links page for Elite Pet Taxi and STAT Animal Transport.

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