“The staff was extremely professional, kind, patient with my dog (who has anxiety issues) and compassionate. 5 stars, definitely recommend.” Debbie with Beau May 2, 2017.
“Well I took my dog to them on Sunday morning at 8 o’clock for a SEVERE laseration which cut a major tendon as well as a major artery, and the door wasn’t only open, but the people were as open as the door! They worked with me for the price of the surgery and the way they treated me and my doggy was extremely well!!! Thank you guys for your caring attitudes and for the help you give animals!!!” Scott 12/4/16
“I had to see a Vet immediately this morning to treat my kitten. She had popped a stitch from her spay. They were very loving and gentle with her. I was surprised at the bill. It was more affordable then I expected. I was happy with my experience there.” Bree 11/21/16
“The prices are SUPER reasonable – especially for an emergency vet!! They have a good location and everyone is friendly even though I forgot to leash my dog! I’m so glad they are here and doing a great job.” Cat 6/25/16
“I couldn’t be more thankful for the docs here and everything they did to help Libby to have a speedy recovery. We are so grateful for everything.” Staci 3/8/16
“Everyone was very caring and helpful. They all made us feel welcome and felt Ezzy was in the best of care. I love this place.” Glenda 2/23/16
“Just took my dog here today and the staff was amazing and helpful. They were very professional and caring about my dog. I would recommend them to any of my friends and they will be my emergency vet from this point forward. Thank you all!” Dezrae 10/4/15
“They were amazing. My puppy ended up getting D-con poisoning and they immediately started to get testing done, x-rays, and fluids. They were so calm even with how hysterical I was from her being ill. They were very knowledgeable and kind. So glad my puppy got the best care and is still with us today.” Brittney 9/1/15
“Everyone is so loving, caring and helpful!!!! They treat our pets like family and keep us informed the whole time they are there.” Crystal 7/25/15
“They went above and beyond to help. Great place and very friendly staff.” Chelsea 2/11/16
“We are so grateful for the staff and the compassion they showed not only to Korona, but to Ken and I as well. You are all wonderful and we are so blessed to have such an amazing veterinary facility so close to home. We would recommend Pets Emergency Hospital to anyone in need of medical assistance for their pets. We can’t thank you enough!” -Ken & Kim 8/6/14

Client Testimonials“Your team is like family for the care you gave. Everyone cared for my pets as if they were their own. Thank you so much!” -Morning Star 7/14/14

“Pets Emergency Hospital has an amazing team – very impressed with the level of compassion you showed us!” – Beau 8/3/14

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping us with our dog Blackjack. Although we had to make the difficult choice to let him go to heaven, we are grateful for the kindness you shared and gave to us, especially to Blackjack.” -Michelle 6/27/14

“Thank you so much for trying so hard to save Pumpkin! You are all so kind and compassionate – and we always knew she was in good hands!” -Marsha & Ed 7/23/14

Client Testimonials“Thank you again for the care you gave us during Mo’s time of need! It was a scary time and experience for all of us and we all really appreciate how you handled the situation. We were very impressed with how much each staff member cared about Mo.” -Jackie

“Thank you all for being so wonderful and taking the great care of Teddy. I was very nervous and your staff put me right at ease. I had a wonderful experience and although I hope there is no need to come back, I know there’s a place to turn to with knowledgeable and friendly staff!” -Sara

“Thank you so much from way down deep in our hearts and from six other ‘meows’ waiting for Boots to be done with his healing. Boots is doing wonderfully. We are grateful for each of you and your talents. Thank you.” -Andrew & Sylvia 10/2/2013

“I appreciate the kindness of all the staff and the thoughtfulness.” -Jon 8/7/14

Client Testimonials“As we traveled in our RV from Wichita, KS to Greeley, CO, our dog, Eli, passed away. It was very shocking and sad. When I got myself together, I started calling places and was so glad you were open and could help with Eli. The person at the desk and the vet were very kind and understanding. Thank you for all your kindness! Thanks again for being there on a Saturday night.” -Pam & Keith 8/15/14

“Thank you so much for caring for our puppy with such excellence!” -Zac & Anita 6/21/14

“I wanted to thank you for all your time and patience. You made a very bad time bearable and I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. You definitely found your calling and all other vets could learn a lot from you. I can’t thank you enough for all that you did not just for Frya but for her humans as well.” -Kerry and Jack 5/1/14

“Dr. Joe Sharrock is exceptional! He truly cares about the health of animals. He has worked with us for a long time when our 3 yr. old doberman first was diagnosed with wobbles disease. He was very knowledgeable and compassionate on steps to take for treatment. He went out of his way to study alternative options of care as surgery was unrealistic and based on the possible poor outcome of a very expensive surgery. Our dog did very,very well and lived a high quality life for many more years much longer than expected. When the time came when the disease did take him, Dr. Joe Sharrock was very compassionate with the end of life decisions. This emergency hospital has only your pet’s best interest at heart.” -Dirk and Martha – 1/15/15

“We unfortunately had to make that decision this summer and the only person we called was Dr. Sharrock. He was so loving and compassionate with our furry friend that I knew this was the right choice. His team made our dog feel calm, safe, and loved in his final moments. They were professional, answered any of our questions, made a sweet paw print, and handled the delicate situation with care. I would choose them again with any problems or challenges we may face with our other animals in the future.” -Megan – 12/23/14

“I can’t say enough about how polite and caring the staff made me feel. I felt good that the attending doctor came out, introduced himself and explained exactly what he would be doing. He suggested several things he might possibly find and how he might treat those accordingly. I was given an estimated cost, felt well informed and was very comfortable leaving my dog. I am so impressed by the Pets Emergency Hospital. No one suggested unnecessary tests or procedures or medications. They were straight up and honest. Their main priority is my pet and what is best for her. Their kind and compassionate nature not only spills over to the animals they care for but the pet owners as well.” -Jean – 12/17/14

“The thoughtful care provided to pets in dire situations is outstanding at this facility. As a long-time participant in dog rescue, I have detailed knowledge of the difficult situations that are presented to these top notch treatment providers. I would not hesitate to take any one of my dogs or my foster dogs to Pets Emergency Hospital.” -Elizabeth – 12/9/14

“The care that I received here was amazing! The people are friendly and compassionate, my dog was taken care of quickly, professionally and without fuss. They went above and beyond to rule out any complications, and went through all of the necessary steps to make sure my dog was safe and healthy coming home.” -Marvin – 12/7/14

“Constantly bombarding the staff with questions, they were quick to field my inquiries and offer comfort in a time of distress. Salt of the earth people, and top notch care, I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my interaction.” -Alex – 12/7/14

“Had to bring my pup in to the ER in the middle of the night on a weekend. The entire staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and immediately calmed me down. I came in with a dog near death and left with a pup trotting and wagging his tail. Very smart and caring people there. A little pricey, but well worth it for the knowledge and tools they bring to the table.” -Shannon – 1/24/14